Last month in a lecture delivered at Truthdig.org’s New York offices, Chris Hedges used the analogy of Moby Dick's Captain Ahab's destructive quest to confront the monster that would ultimately destroy him - a suicidal race for profits made by the greedy and fiscal machinations of the top 1%.

His observation that the bosses greed always overrides any reasonable considerations to preserve the species of which, after all they are as much a part of as we are, is illustrated here in Britain this week. It comes to us via the overweeningly rapacious stance of The L.U and TFL executive's attitude towards the future of almost 1000 employees at the heart of this, and the coming weeks strike action by the RMT.

As reported in The Guardian and other so called "newspapers", Boris Johnson (the fatuous nest headed Mayor of London) announced that a new Tory government would make the banning of these "wildcat strikes" compulsory to all public sector workers in the greater metropolitan area. He added that he had been told this by his crony "Shotgun Dave" Cameron - (the nickname is apt -he's no better then a union bashing thug of 1920's Chicago's corrupt city government, who used Al Capone's muscle to break up the meat packer's strike of 1923).

The comparison may sound crude, but only the methodology applied in this case is different. The aims of both parties are essentially the same - to break the solidarity of the members of the RMT's resolve and consign the lives of almost a 1000 families to the rubbish heap. The old "F**k you, Jack I"m fireproof" posturings of the hard nut Tory right, are plainly there for any working person to see.

Having already promised the representative unions and their members that ticket offices would not be closing, therefore preserving the jobs at the centre of the dispute, he has now reneged on that promise using the tepid excuse that the "technology has really changed since we were elected" … Aye Boris, technology tends to move forward; that's why you spend so much of the taxpayer's hard earned money planning for these things in order to make informed choices as to how to proceed with some fiscal alacrity regarding these changes. It is again clear to anyone on the street that plain greed is the primary motivating factor in the implementation of the mayor's actions,that and the potential kudos he hopes to garner from the Tory Party faithful in his boringly obvious and transparent grab for the slot currently held Dave "The Kid" Cameron.


Acting head of the RMT Executive Mick Cash issued a statement stating:

"From Boris Johnson’s wholesale assault on the trade unions this morning it is crystal clear that he has sought to engineer and provoke a dispute on London Underground, by bulldozing through his cuts and closures programme, in order to use Londoners as pawns in his personal crusade for the leadership of the Tory Party. It is no wonder his officials have not allowed a single inch of progress to be made in days and days of talks.

Tube workers and Londoners will be furious that the veil has now slipped.  The attack on trade unions and public services that has brought London to a standstill has been clearly set up so that Boris Johnson can posture as the hard man of the Tory Right, and the heir to Thatcher, in order to fulfil his own ambitions and to fuel his personal war with David Cameron.

“It is equally scandalous that hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money has been spent by TFL promoting a politically-motivated cuts and austerity agenda for London that would decimate safety and reduce tube stations to a criminals’ paradise. The political posturing by the Mayor and his officials at London Underground and TFL must stop and talks based on RMT’s proposed solution to the dispute must be reconvened."

We here at Alabama 3 wholeheartedly support the union's position and see this as a part of the ever widening agenda to disenfranchise working people from exercising their lawful right to protest these issues and hope you will do the same...even if it does inconvenience some of you for a couple of hours each day as the action's are in progress…