Posted on Dec 18, 2013

St Pauls Lifestyle took to The Brook, Southampton to catch Alabama3.

Alabama3 bounded on stage a flying meteor of energy, style, scarves, rock and roll. The band proceeded to set the tiered audience alight at Southampton’s The Brook with their passionate and committed performance. This band eats music to stay alive; it seeps out of every move and groove they make.

Unlike the soft insinuation in their name, Alabama3’s set at the Brook at times developed an unforgiving tone of brutality – heard mixed up with the band’s finely honed, strong - and sometimes sweet – rock. This was felt most when their songs addressed ‘big life questions’ and brought to their phenomenal performance a strand of threat adding yet more weight to their show. Its presence within the joy of Alabama3’s music highlights a subject matter coming to the fore in their lyrics: the dichotomy of life being at its most precious when the bitterest pills must be swallowed. - Such as loss and love with the challenges this brings. Alabama3 seem to have naturally subsumed these huge philosophical questions into their catalogue of music and it feels like this occasional emergence of harsh reality is predicated upon a personally known life truth. Despite the import of this underlying theme, these supreme showmen and woman mostly keep their life and world questions as a nuanced accent in their live show; so we the audience may just dance our heads off. We can choose whether or not to consider the roots of the band’s inherent power, drawn as we are, moths to the glittering full-on musicality which is an Alabama3 live gig.

All the musicians share the meaning and love in this great band. Aurora Dawn’s voice tells of a mournful and bluesy inner soul: this is heard in all it's persuasive beauty and is perfectly countered by the earthy grit in Larry's voice. Such is Aurora’s power that she elicits cheers and adulation from the crowd - "that was fucking good".

Alabama3 take and adopt music in all its form - rap and gospel are mixed up with ease and at times electro took instrumental front of stage. This eclectic and free flowing choice showed us that Alabama3 are mid evolution in their music. The full flow revolution is seen in their performance on stage. Fantastic.

Check out our picture gallery of Alabama3 below.

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