It was announced yesterday that Ronnie Biggs is to be freed from prison today (August 7th) on compassionate grounds.  He will be spending his 80th birthday this weekend with his family.
Alabama 3's Nick Reynolds (Harpo Strangelove) who knows Ronnie Biggs well spoke to Channel 4 news.

Train robber Ronnie Biggs to be freed

Updated on 06 August 2009
By Andy Davies

The great train robber Ronnie Biggs is to be freed on compassionate grounds, despite previous refusals to release him from prison by the government.
The government had previously refused to release Biggs because he was unrepentant about his crimes.
Biggs, who is 80 on Saturday, will be freed  tomorrow.
He is extremely ill in hospital with pneumonia, having suffered a series of strokes that have left him unable to eat, speak or walk.
His legal adviser said he was being released to die.


Nick Reynolds, a friend of the Biggs family, gave his view to the programme.
Mr Reynolds said it was "a bit of a mystery" as to why it was suggested that Mr Biggs was not sorry for his crimes.
He added: "It is simply not true."
He stated quite clearly that he was very sorry for his part, Mr Reynolds added.
Mr Reynolds added: "I think at the time we were all a bit hopeful that if he came back he would do three or four years or something."
He went on to say that news of his release is "terrific".
Mr Reynolds said: "I think well done Jack Straw. I am glad you have shown clemency and leniency in this particular instance and it takes a big man to admit he is wrong so well done Jack."