Gerry Conlon, 1 March 1954 - 21 June 2014

'I can't really express how much sadness we all feel today, as we wave goodbye to our longtime friend, Gerry Conlon.

15 years behind bars, for a crime he didn't commit, watching his father die in jail, seems enough injustice for anyone to have to endure...

After his release he dedicated his life to seeking out justice for others. The world really needed him.... and then to be taken from us so young? I'm really struggling today to figure out where the justice in that is?

So I'm focusing on remembering the good times we all shared with him. We were so lucky to know you, Gerry, so so lucky. I remember singing to your mother, and I can't believe I have to find some strength to sing goodbye to you now.

As I walk through the streets of Belfast today, they are paved with so many memories. One of them is the gig below, and then there's all the others...'

Free at last
- Gerry Conlon after his conviction was quashed in 1989

From Falls Road bars, to all night shebeens, 

From the nightmare's inside

To Belfast - boulevard of dreams,

Nothing came close to the bad company I'd keep,

With those angels with Arma-Lites in stolen taxis.

I sang a hymn to your mother,

You held my daughter's hand,

And we talked about how one day we'd all find the promised land.

And at night I cajoled you, did all I could to persuade

Til one night you agreed to wear shades.

There was thunder and lightning

There was wind in the rain

The Lord tell the Devil - you better get ready it's pay day

Tell Jezebel - prepare my palace downtown

Conlon's painting Belfast red tonight, til all the lights go out

The final result - Alabama 3, Guildford Four

Gerry Conlon always knew how to score just one more.

-Larry Love, Alabama 3

*Please support MOJO (The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation) who will continue to assist innocent people in prison, before and after their release. May their crucial work continue!

Gerry Conlon introducing Alabama 3 at Belfast Open House Festival, 2009

Our friends Paddy Hill (Birmingham Six) and Gerry Conlon (Guildford Four) appeared with us when MOJO hosted a night at Glastonbury's Left Field, 2008

For further information on Gerry Conlon's story and the awful injustices he endured when imprisoned as a innocent man for the Guildford pub bombings we suggest you watch this very moving video of Gerry telling the story in his own words.  It was an honour and a privilege for all of us to know him.

MUA Melbourne meeting 2011 Gerry Conlon Part 1

MUA Melbourne meeting 2011 Gerry Conlon Part 2