Subterfuge & The Treatment Rooms present an Outlaw Special....


“no matter what beliefs you have, all of humanity deep down inside, knows the bottom line.... 'thou shalt not kill!'”

Luther Blisset

The Human Approach, a special one off event, comes on the year anniversary of the execution of Death Row inmate, Luis Ramirez. Although there was much evidence that could have lead to his acquittal, Luis lost the fight to clear his name and was executed by the State of Texas in 2005.

Whilst he was on Death Row at Polunsky Unit, Huntsville, Texas, Luis became the pen-pal of London mosaic artist Baroness von Reichardt, of the Treatment Rooms Artist Collective.

After a six year relationship and only two days before Luis’ death by lethal injection, the Baroness visited Luis for the first time and vowed to construct a mural back in London, as a tribute to him and in remembrance of all victims of State execution. This promise was realised on the 18th June 2006, as a 22ft by 6ft mosaic was unveiled to a local and appreciative audience in Chiswick, by the family of Luis Ramirez, who flew over from the USA especially for this event.

The making of the wall and its unveiling has been captured and made into a sixty minute documentary by artists Punkvert. The film, ‘Tales from the Treatment Rooms – The Luis Ramirez Story’, which won acclaim at its premier at this year's Portobello Film Festival, will be screened at Jamm, with artists from The Treatment Rooms and Punkvert available for comment after.

Also to commemorate this day, actor Kevin O’Donohoe will be reading 'What's in the brown paper bag?' by Luis Ramirez, describing Luis' arrival on Death Row. Soprano, Lorna H. Bridge, will be reciting the film's title track, Ave Maria, live.

We also have invited Paddy Hill of Birmingham Six / Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO) to introduce 'What Happens To The Innocent' a short film made by MOJO.

The night is hosted by local Brixton celebrity and Alabama 3 front man Robert ‘Larry’ Love

Anti-Death Penalty Night 20th October 2006, 6 - 9 pm

Followed by Alabama 3's Outlaw 9pm – 5am