Alabama 3 today received an e.mail from the investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, informing us of the sad demise of Stuart Gair, who had spent only a year as a free man after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment.
Donal wanted to inform the band because "his last words were talking about you guys".

The report below is taken from MOJO Scotland's site.

"It is with sad news that today, Tuesday 30th October at 12.40 in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Stuart Gair, one of Scotlands' most shameful miscarriages of justice victim, passed away after suffering a serious of heart attacks on Friday 26th October 2007.
On Friday 26th Oct, Stuart had ran into, purely by coincidence, the TV presenter Donal MacIntyre, who was filming in Leith for his new series. Stuart introduced himself and explained to Donal who he was, they went back to Stuarts flat and whilst Stuart was chatting he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck, then collapsed suffering from a massive heart attack. Donal went with Stuart to the hospital where twice the heart again stopped, unfortunately the initial attack had prevented oxygen to his brain. Since Stuart has no next of kin, to our knowledge, we only discovered this last night when Donal called me at home, and told me the shocking news.
Myself, Paddy Hill and Dr Iain Stevens went to the hospital today where Stuart's condition had deteriorated, leaving the hospital staff no options but to switch off the machines keeping him alive. Within 15 minutes of the machine being switched off Stuart passed away.
It is now just over six months since the death of Sally Clark, who also died of heart failure, this is once again a death that could have been avoided had those in authority carried out there duty of care towards innocent men and women when they are released after winning there freedom at the appeal court.
When are the authorities going to show the same compassion towards innocent men and women as the do towards the guilty, and give them the medical help they require on release, and afford them the necessary psychological counselling to help them come to terms with the great injustice that has been inflicted on to them by the state. There is little doubt on anyone working within this field that these deaths are stress related. A miscarriage of justice is a terrible mark on our society, to die of stress after being released is a tragedy. A tragedy that we are all responsible for."

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