As we reported a few months back, Larry Love has been stealing a little time between live dates and recording the next Alabama 3 album to work on another project with his old friend and collaborator Brendan O'Connell.

The two of them have been re-examining their celtic roots in a new fusion of rebel resistance and country blues-tinged folk songs. They've been taking time to let the sound develop organically; time in the studio split with rehearsing and playing local (mainly unpublicised) performances for a few friends and supporters.
Along with developing the sound, crafting the songs, and perfecting the stage performance the name of the act has been constantly evolving too!

It all started way back in 2006 with the release of Robert Love's Ghostflight  'a beautiful jazz-infused blues and country-folk crossover album', and was reborn earlier this year as 'Brendan and Larry'.  The latest incarnation is 'O'Connell & Love (featuring The Ghost Flighters)'.

The band will be taking their sound back to Coldharbour Lane in Brixton SW9, to favourite old haunt The Prince Albert, on Friday October 4th.

And Larry tells us that the album (with an estimated release date of February 2014) is to be called 'Near' - but who knows how long it will keep that name?
All will be revealed...

You can listen to track 'Below the Wire' from the 2006 'Robert Love's Ghostflight' album here: below-the-wire
You can find Larry Love talking to Brixton Buzz about the Ghostflighters here: www.youtube.com