Thousands of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, radiographers and hospital cleaners, who will be in London tomorrow (Saturday) for the 'I love the NHS' march and rally are to hear a special NHS rendition of the Sopranos theme tune, courtesy of South London country-techno-funk outfit The Alabama 3, who are supporting the event.

The Alabama 3's front man Larry Love has penned new words for the band's 'Woke Up This Morning', the theme tune for the award winning US television series. The band will be playing two songs at the Trafalgar Square event, including their new NHS one.

'Woke Up This Morning' (NHS version) imagines a world without the NHS, where it's not possible to call the doctor or buy medicine when you're sick because it costs too much. But then the nightmare ends, and the patient is back to the reality of free health treatment and the fantastic nurses of the NHS.

Tomorrow (Saturday), NHS Together - a campaign involving unions and organisations with members in the health service - is co-ordinating a march and rally to celebrate the successes of the NHS, which is 60 next year.

The thousands of health service employees converging on London will also use the event to send a strong message to the Government that while staff are committed to their jobs, morale is low, and there is widespread concern about the increasing fragmentation of the NHS.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'The NHS is a fantastic institution, treating over a million people every 36 hours, and much of its success is down to the sheer dedication and commitment of everyone who works in it. That's why thousands are rallying to celebrate that success and to urge the Government to stick to the founding principles of the NHS, and not introduce more changes that could further fragment our health service.'

Larry Love, lead vocalist of The Alabama 3 said: 'I was in pain and went to a doctor only to find out that I was walking about with a neck that was broken in three places. I was rushed into hospital. The treatment and care I received on the NHS saved my rock 'n' roll life. The NHS staff are fantastic and they deserve a better deal than they are getting at the moment. The Alabama 3 sends its support and gratitude to all NHS workers.

'Woke up this Morning [NHS version]

If you woke up this morning
And the NHS was gone
You can't call the doctor
Got no credit on your telephone
Temperature is rising
Feel like your going blind
Born on the wrong side of the tracks
With a blue moon in your eyes
If you woke up this morning
And the fevers' comin' on
Can't buy no medicine
The Bupa plan's long gone
Sister morphine she's gone AWOL
No admissions says the sign
If you ain't got the dollar boy
It's a blue moon in your eyes
Woke up this morning
The nightmare turned around
Bevan's dream a reality
Free healthcare every goddamn town
That nurse she was one in a million
She saved you with her smile
You're back on your feet again
No blue moon in your eyes
Woke up this morning
-You wanna be, you wanna be
The healthy ones tonight yes you know it -
You just can't help yourselves

Article from TUC website November 2nd 2007