We reported a few weeks ago the tragic death of Stuart Gair (One Year Of Freedom).  Stuart died penniless.  Despite owing him massive amounts of compensation the state were preparing to give him a pauper's funeral until MOJO stepped up to pay the funeral costs.
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to support MOJO in their fight against injustice, and to help them raise money to continue that fight; by attending the fund raising event detailed below, or by any other means you can.


M.O.J.O Presents The After Party
Wednesday 19th December
Brixton Jamm:

Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) and The Holloways support M.O.J.O and the shocking miscarriage of justice over the death of Stuart Gair.

Founding member and main writer of The Pogues, Shane MacGowan dj’s the Jamm tonight after two sell out shows at the Brixton Academy.

Shane MacGowan’s been writing music for nearly 30 years, from the early punk days of The Nipple Erectors to The Pogues and joins us for a rare dj set to raise finances to pay for a dignified funeral for Stuart Gair.

Stuart Gair, one of the UK's most shocking miscarriages of justice, died on the 30th October of a massive heart attack at the age of 44, Paddy Hill (The Birmingham Six) was with him when he passed away.

Donal MacIntyre had met Stuart the night he died, from a chance meeting in Leith, Stuart introduced himself and explained to Donal who he was, when in Stuart's flat, and whilst Stuart was chatting he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck, then collapsed suffering from a massive heart attack.

Stuart Gair was convicted of murder 17 years ago but has protested his innocence ever since. He claims he was framed by police for the murder of Peter Smith in a toilet. Stuart was freed pending bail. A year later he died, for what many believe to be stress related to the loss of life under the penal system.

Although Stuart had been informed that he would receive compensation for the loss of his freedom, he died penniless, with no next of kin.  The state wanted to give him a paupers funeral, M.O.J.O could not allow this, and paid to give Stuart a dignified funeral. Even though the state where looking to give him a payout of up to £1,000,000, they are still refusing to pay for his funeral costs. Tonight aims to raise the money to pay for Stuarts funeral as well as awareness to the failings of the system.

Support Dj comes from The Holloways, fresh off the end of tour supporting the Pogues. The Holloways formed in a little place called Nambucca on Holloway Road, north London, back in November 2004 and have gone on to play Glastonbury, sign to TVT Records and become the highlight of many peoples' Camden Crawl.  They've since stormed through the heats and currently sit in the final 14 out of 2,000 in V Festival/Channel 4's Road to V competition.

Shane MacGowan (Dj Set)
The Holloways (Dj set)

Wednesday 19th December 2007
Price £5
www.ticketweb.co.uk for advance tickets, all proceeds going to M.O.J.O
Hours 11PM – 3AM

261 Brixton Road, London SW9 6LH

All prior donations are welcome, please send to:
3rd Floor,
34 Albion Street,