The long awaited and eagerly anticipated follow up to Larry Love’s first solo album, Ghost Flight (2006) is with us at last!  Minesweeping, released on July 6th, continues the collaboration between Larry and long-time songwriting partner Brendan O'Connell along with a host of other talent.

Joining them are featured guest vocalists Rumer, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tenor Fly, Pete Doherty, Aurora Dawn and June Miles-Kingston.
The cast of guest musicians is no less diverse, and includes Segs Jennings (Ruts DC), Jay Darlington (Oasis), Seamus Beaghen (formerly of Madness), Owen If (Stereo MCs) and Rob Shirakbari (Music Director for Dionne Warwick, and formerly keyboardist, arranger and Music Director for Burt Bacharach.)

Larry Love:
“There is no greater joy or honour for musicians than exploring the cultural and musical crossovers that occur when we visit each other’s trenches, try out each other’s armoury and venture together into no man’s land.”

Brendan O'Connell:
“I feel that Minesweeping is a much stronger album than Ghost Flight.
  We really have crafted the songs on it, going back over them and bashing them into shape. Ghost Flight took approximately 7 days from writing, recording and mixing it. Minesweeping has taken 7 years.”

It’s been a long time coming but we hope you'll agree it's been worth the wait!


You can listen to previews of all the album tracks here.

We thought you might also enjoy this stripped back acoustic version of new song ‘Like a Wave Breaks on a Rock’. 


Daily Mirror ****
Alabama 3 singer Larry Love and songwriting partner Brendan O’Connell team up again and variety is the spice of their musical life.  Johnny Cash and Nick Cave are referenced, while the feisty duet Hangover Me and the carefree Gospel folk of Shake Off Your Shoes both feature Rumer,  Other vocal guests Buffy Sainte-Marie and Pete Doherty also shine, and there’s definitely more than a hint of magic in the air.

Liverpool Echo
Larry Love of Alabama 3 and Brendan O’Connell have been making music for years, and Minesweeping is evidence that the collaboration works. With a little help from guest vocalists, the album features many tracks that are instantly likable. Like A Wave Breaks On A Rock has the markings of a classic with an hypnotic riff, while Hangover Me featuring Rumer is the kind of song you wouldn’t mind playing on repeat, and its contrasting voices are a treat. For a dreamy nostalgic song look no further than It Was The Sweetest Thing, while there’s an old school rock and roll feel to If It’s Not Broken. After one listen to the chorus, it’s difficult not to join in next time round on the catchy Love Is Like A Rolling Stone featuring Tenor Fly, while Pete Doherty features on the atmospheric title track. This is a strong album that would boost anyone’s music collection.