Sleaford Mods singer joins film produced by Alabama 3's Nick Reynolds to raise awareness of disability hate crimes...

A modern day story of friendship against the odds. Robbo (Jason Williamson - Sleaford Mods) looks after his disabled friend, Icky (Jamie Beddard (Quills) who has been forced onto the street to fend for himself after being made homeless by the authorities. The film will highlight the prejudice and hate crimes against the Disabled Community which have been on the rise throughout the UK.

#LostDogFilm is being directed by well-known television and film actor; Andrew Tiernan, whose credits include; “300”, “The Pianist”, Jimmy McGovern’s “Common” and worked on five films with the late Antonia Bird.

In the current climate of fear and apparent austerity in the UK, there are a lot of uncertainties in life, but no one should be scapegoated or attacked or made homeless for any reason at all.

This is why the film; #LostDogFilm needs to be made, to highlight what is happening in society and to try and help change things for the better. Jason Williamson talks candidly about his decision to be involved in the film; "Tory voters that I've come across are always shocked when the reality of what they've voted for is placed before them. I think this is why #LostDogFilm is important to do. It's almost like a duty, rather than a decision, to do some acting outside of the band I'm in. The Conservatives need outing at every available opportunity and in this climate of right-wing propaganda and a mostly silenced media, films like #LostDogFilm stand out as projects screaming with life, actual life. I'm really honoured to be included in this film"

Disabled Actor Jamie Beddard;

“It’s a scary time to be disabled. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on. The Government and the Media are scapegoating Disabled People. There is no real community. We’re irrelevant. They want to get rid of us.”

The Director; Andrew Tiernan talks about his vision for the film;

"We need to change society's attitude towards the disabled and the poor. But as there’s no
funding for these kind of films anymore due to cuts, the only way we can get them made is through crowdfunding. I just hope that the Sleaford Mods fans’ get behind the film, I’m a fan and I’m excited about working with Jason.”

The film will also feature a post-punk soundtrack, including artists such as; Mick Jones with The Rotten Hill Gang, Alabama 3, Ruts DC and more to be announced.

#LostDogFilm currently crowdfunding here.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostdogfilm/

Twitter hashtag: #lostdogfilm