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They have been called, amongst other things, "the best live band in Britain." Their music has graced everything from The Sopranos to The Simpsons, and celebrity fans include Irvine Welsh and the world's biggest selling author, Stephen King. They are undoubtedly the greatest American act the UK ever did produce, and their heady combination of electro and C&W, alongside a proclivity for rock 'n' roll decadence and an acute social conscience means that they are effectively a unique entity in modern music.

They are Alabama 3, nine rough and ever-ready souls from Brixton and beyond, and they are back to steal your children. Lockdown is the name of the first single from their new album, M.O.R., as eclectic and rich mix of musical styles as you could ever hope to hear - there is blues, country, reggae, rap and more - and for no other reason than a need for truth, let us call it their best album since their classic debut, 1997's Exile on Coldharbour Lane.

Lead single Lockdown is yet another statement of intent from a band that never run out of ideas, never run out of style, and is a undeniable and uncategorisible return to the winning form of their early material. The single will be released as a download on August 20th and all proceeds will be going to MOJO Scotland, a charity that the band are strongly behind.

MOJO, an introduction:

The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation
'Bringing hope to the innocent'

The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation is a human right organisation set up by Paddy Hill and John McManus who are dedicated to assisting innocent people both in prison and after their release. Our main objectives is to help counsel innocent people after they are released from prison and gradually help them come to terms with the modern world. Our second objective is as an advocacy service helping innocent victims who are still inside prison claiming they are innocent. This is carried out by recommending 'good' defence lawyers, as well as forensic experts and contacts within the media to raise the profile of their cases and bring them to the publics attention.

We have been involved with high profile cases who have won their freedom after serving sentences ranging from four years to twenty-five years. These people were wrongly imprisoned because of a miscarriage of justice and since their release have had great difficulty fitting back into our modern society.

Here at M.O.J.O. we are committed to the establishment of a Retreat to help depressurise victims, and prepare them, back into a society they should never have been taken out of. The Retreat will be unique project, using shared counselling experiences to help victims gradually come to term with  what has happened to them.

All of them suffer from post traumatic stress disorders and are in desperate need of help. It is for this reason we are launching a new campaign to raise £1,000,000 to set up a M.O.J.O. Retreat. M.O.J.O. Scotland is a registered charity being partially funded by the Scottish Executive.

Alabama 3 have kindly offered the proceeds from the release of their new single, 'Lockdown', to the cause.