This November Krakatoa toured the UK with Alabama 3.
They have now recovered enough to be able to talk about their experiences.

Firstly, could you introduce yourselves please?


Smudger    -  Vocals, Harmonica
Jacko        -  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Josh S       -  Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew      -  Bass
Josh B       -  Drums

We are from South East London.  Dirty South is usually our stomping ground, loads of gigs and too many messy nights to remember there, so you could say it’s our Head Quarters.  If you fancy a pint with us you know we'll be there!

How would you describe the type of music you play?

A raw, diverse, British rock n roll band from London, is probably the best way to describe us. Diverse in the fact that we take musical influence from everything from, Blues, Folk, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, 60’s Beat, Motown, Ska, Reggae, Punk and everything in between.

Though we try to make every song sound different form the last, we still maintain that we put our undeniable unique stamp on it.  If you like The Kinks and The Clash, then you should definitely come to a gig.  It's a shame there aren’t many bands out there at the moment who've got something to say, with banging tunes to back them up.  I suppose that works in our favour though, as it sets us apart from the rest.

We're signed to an independant label, 360degreesmusic, who have a great ethos on this so-called 'Music Industry', with some really good acts on board as well.

 Our latest single FAT CATS is out now. It's an energetic 2:30 12 bar blues track, reminiscent of early 60s beat music. It's probably the most to-the-point, truthful lyrics of any song out there at the moment, listen to find out why.

You recently toured the UK with Alabama 3:
How did that come about?

Touring with Alabama 3 was definitely the best 18 nights of our lives! Our manager Jay did a fantastic job sorting that out for us -  but that’s what managers are for, so get a good one!

What were they like to be on the road with?

Alabama 3 were wicked, they really took us under their wing and looked out for us.

Their live performance is amazing... We watched them every single night!

The thought of mixing Acid House with Country music sounds ridiculous, but when A3 tear it up on stage it makes perfect sense. It's been said before, but we'll say it again -  Alabama 3 are the best live band in the UK today!

There was many a messy aftershow party which didn't stop till sound check the following day, with some outrageous goings on.  But it would be unthinkable for me to go into any detail, cos one thing we learnt from A3 is, 'What happens on tour, stays on tour!'

How do you think the fans received you?

I think we had a really good reaction from their fans considering how different our styles are. Our fans really took to Alabama 3 as well, so it worked well. When we see people really getting what we're trying to do, it gives us all a high and makes it definitely all worthwhile.
It'll be great to work with A3 again in the future.... Watch this space!

What next for your band?

Well we can't wait for 2010 to kick off! We are going into the studio to record some tracks and planning on releasing our third single, so keep an eye out for that! We're also hoping to get on a few more festivals. We played some last year and really enjoyed it.

We're having a Christmas gig on the 22nd December at the Hoxton Bar & Grill.

So we'll see you there.

All the best



photos courtesy of Martin Newman