Join Alabama 3 (Acoustic) with guests including Mick Jones, John Cooper Clarke, Cerys Matthews, Rhys Ifans and Super Furry Animals and more  in a celebration of all things Marks(ist) at the Kentish Town Forum in London on February 27th.

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A few words from Larry Love:

Dig deep into your pockets, then raise your hands up in the air, bow down low and then stand up ready to be counted against those brave enough to feel the force of the Welsh dragon that is Howard Marks. Fear not the sulphorous fumes, nor the fire and brimstone, for the breath of the dragon shall heal thee and if you are lucky enough, you might just get stoned.

All money raised will go towards maintaining the Raveloution sparked by Howard, when back in the day, he made the whole world dope. Whatever you put in your pipe now, remember who turned you on. Remember who told you how to turn the fire alarm off. Remember who took the knock so you could carry on burning.

Long life to the boyo from the valleys who, took on the establishment and lived to tell the tale. Smokers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your paranoia. The man who is always waiting and watching and wondering when you are going to slip up...fear not brothers and sisters, Howard will always be there, in our hopes, dreams and desires.
Kneel down and light the bong.