Alabama 3 is proud to announce that they are to headline the Hope Not Hate gig in 2008 marking the 30th anniversary of the Rock Against Racism carnival.

The event will feature the Alabama 3 plus Misty in Roots, veteran orator Tony Benn and some very special guests on Wednesday 30th April 2008 at the Carling Academy Brixton. Tickets are £20 each. All proceeds from the gig will go to a legacy project taking the modern history of Rock Against Racism into schools and colleges.

Thirty years ago the National Front fuelled the rise in racism in the UK. They were aided by racist comments made by some rock 'super stars' (we won't give them any free publicity here – they are shamed by history) Rock Against Racism was formed. The most memorable Rock Against Racism event was the April 1978 'Carnival against the Nazis'. A huge rally of 100,000 people marched the six miles from Trafalgar Square through London's East End - the heart of National Front territory - to a Rock Against Racism concert in Victoria Park, Hackney.
X-Ray Spex, The Clash, Steel Pulse, and Tom Robinson were on the bill - a diverse selection of music for a diverse multi-cultural crowd.

The Alabama 3 has always been anti-racist and multi-cultural, taking its musical influences as easily from the heart of white country music in the USA to sources as disparate as the Delta blues Hip Hop and punk. Music has no colour or race and The Alabama 3 has lived that reality right through its musical life. Proud to be based in thoroughly multi-cultural Brixton, soaking up all of the diverse cultural influences it offers, the band is immensely proud to have been asked to take part in this event.

We encourage all of our fans to support Rock Against Racism wherever they live. The spectre of racism and Fascism is being conjured up again to attack immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers by the BNP and hangers-on. We have to stand up and point out where the real problem lies – and it's not the colour of someone's skin or the country they come from. We urge all our fans to come along to this gig and more importantly – since it is held on the eve of the local elections – to make your vote count. There will be peace in the valley but not before we kick some Fascist butt that night!

“Anti racism is not just for Christmas, New Year or bank holiday marches – it’s a commitment The Alabama 3 has made for life and anyone serious about dealing with racism has to embrace that reality. Unless we maintain a permanent state of aggression against racism and fascism and explain its roots it can still grow. Alabama 3 has received death threats for its anti-racist work around our Outlaw events. We urge all anti-racists to come out on the 30th April and show the fascists how we feel.”


Academy Events & Militant Entertainment present

Hope Not Hate 2008
marking the 30th anniversary of the Rock Against Racism carnival
featuring Alabama 3 and Misty in Roots
plus very special guests to be announced
Wednesday 30th April 2008
Carling Academy Brixton
Tickets £20, £16 NUS, UB40 and OAP’s
supported by UNISON, UNITE, GMB, RMT, FBU and the Daily Mirror

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