Alabama 3 Shoplifting 4 Jesus album review  2012-03-10

What do you get if you mix acid country, reggae, gospel and a smearing of hip hop? Shoplifting for Jesus by the Alabama 3 thats what you get. Theres a tripped out distorted feel to the album which is infused by main vocalists Larry Love and D. Wayne Love personas and their ability to blend and meld sound. This really stands out on tracks like Blazing Like Glory and also on the more stripped down, purer feeling Black Dog. But it clear from the start and opening title track that this album is a team effort and based on the amount of samples and musical styles on display its a big team!

The gravelly, gruff and raspy vibe on I Blame Kurt Cobain, which even manages to layer a reggae section on a nineties guitar riff so its almost like a Girl Talk mash up, but it works. Its like a Seattle version of GhostTown for the twenty first century.

Summer In The City is a great track with characteristic Alabama DNA and socio-political lyrics and a dance beat landscape. These themes are constant through out the album which stands apart as the most political Alabama 3 album to date. Well I suppose if you don't feel the need to make a more overt political statement now you never will. The album is filled with a feeling of chaos - controlled chaos, sampled and layered chaos but chaos all the same. Its a digital mirror for the current state we find ourselves in.

I've Been Seeing Stars is my stand out track on the album with a strong lyrics searching for the answers to combat the feeling of disenfranchised from society. We all search for redemption and hope.
If you are already into Alabama 3 you will love the album if you've not yet been baptized in the the church of 3 listen to this album and tracks like Facebook.Con and We Stole the Moon you will be converted.