This wednesday 5th sept 07, between 9-11pm on www.sunnygovan.org community radio station is a two hour interview with Gerry Conlon, of the Guildford 4. In it Gerry praises to the hilt the Alabama 3 as the most socially conscious band in the UK at the moment.

Gerry was one of three men from Belfast, along with Paul Hill and Paddy Armstrong, and an Englishwoman, Carole Richardson, who spent 15 years in jail after police falsified confessions on the Irish Republican Army bombing of a pub in Guildford, south of London, in 1974 that killed four soldiers and a civilian. They became known as the Guildford Four.

In 2005 Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, issued a public apology to the 11 victims of one of the country's most notorious miscarriages of justice, 30 years after the event.


Mr Blair's apology extended to all members of the Guildford Four, as well as Gerry Conlon's father, Giuseppe, and his sister-in-law, Annie Maguire, and five of her family members and friends who became known as the Maguire Seven. They were wrongly imprisoned over the Guildford attack and other 1974 bombings in Woolwich, south-east London. Giuseppe Conlon died in prison in 1980.

It is miscarriages of justice like the Guildford Four and the Birmingham 6 that led Paddy Hill and John McManus to set up MOJO, a cause that the Alabama 3 have always fully supported.  Proceeds from the download only single 'Lockdown' were dedicated to help with MOJO's work. 

John Mcmanus told us: "We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the band for contributing the profits from the new single Lockdown, to building a MOJO retreat to help counsel innocent men and women after they are released. You're all stars and unlike the usual posturing from so many bands, the Alabama's, walk the talk ... to the best rock and roll band in the known world, from everyone at M.O.J.O."

You can still help MOJO's work by downloading 'Lockdown'.  Find the links in this article here>

Find out more about MOJO from their website here>