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Alabama 3 @ Dirty South: Interview
Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Dirty South is a bar in the middle of Lewisham, and sort of stands out on the street corner. Maybe it’s the huge sign that is bigger than the door. It’s Modest unmissable presence included, It is instantly recognizable as a music bar. and inside, it is a venue. A good one, At that. The walls are plastered in graffiti and previous gig posters & Articles from magazines, And the first act start playing as we get our first round in.

All the support acts are amazing - You rarely get bands this good supporting the big stadium boys like Muse. Stop The Blackout, Goliath, Nicola Jayne Chirnside, The Flack & Peckham Cowboys all play ace sets and are all very different from the others. the evening goes on with the most interesting mix-up of music you could encounter from this lot - every group/artist deserves attention.

 It gets to about twelve, and the bouncer comes over to us and tells us to follow him downstairs. We walk through the bar, Down the wooden stairs and into a basement. the brick walls are thick with graffiti, kegs against the far wall, a punching bag bolted into the roof at one side, and in the corner are four sofas, containing the notorious A3. Larry Love raises his head and beckons us towards them. Me and Sam sit down between Larry and The Very Reverend D.Wayne love, Where Larry offers us a bottle of whisky.

 Larry Love: I always put my shades on before an interview…

Ry: Cool. How’s your festival season going?

Larry: Still in the middle of it, really. I’m enjoying it so much, I don’t know where the fuck I’m going. But I’ve never worn wellingtons all summer.

Ry: Mint.

Sam: Is the floor the ashtray, or is there an ashtray?

Larry: Jesus Christ, Can he put it on the fucking floor? You WANT an ashtray? Fuck, Just make a mess, Man. But yeah, it’s been good. Hopefully next year it will be bigger because more young people are realising, That T in the park and all that are a bit corporate and there’s kids having rave parties out in the sticks.

Ry: How was Ireland?

Larry: yeah, Loved it. Don’t Remember any of it. I upset quite a few Irish reporters, Doing some press. “what do you remember best about Ireland?” “well, to be honest, Love, I don’t go to Ireland to remember anything” “what d’ya mean, that’s really offensive” I just go there to have a wicked time.

Ry: a question we’ve asked a couple of you guys before… You guys sound like you could be the protagonists in a sci-fi epic…

Larry: Hah…

Ry: If you were a crew of space explorers, what position would you have in that crew?

Larry: I’d be the teletubby in the Geiger-counter machine.

You know Larry is talkin’ at you when you can see your reflection in them shades.

Ry: Was there a song on revolver soul that really did it for you?

Larry: All of them, Really. They are all equally malformed babies, and hopefully the can have enough of a listen to disturb your minds as they have done my mind. I’m proud of the record. It’s the first release on our label(Hostage Music) and we, Alabama 3, Don’t write albums for now, We write them for five years time. All Alabama 3 records are never written for the present, and our old albums don’t sound dated. So, people that don’t understand Revolver Soul now will in five years time have a gun against their head, listening to soul music.

Ry: Weirdest on tour experience?

D.Wayne: I tell you now boys, you can’t quantify things that way. I’d be going forever. Invent crazy. You aren’t going to get good analogies out of drunk pop singers at five past twelve at night.

Larry: I tell you what, In Ireland, A dwarf called Bob Marley, and he told me he’s really glad the Celtic type are dead because they’d have him dressed as a leprechaun. Me and him, fighting a chef in Belfast last Thursday. I headbutted his head, and Bob Marley the Dwarf headbutted his bollocks! Larry Love and a Dwarf, Whacking a chef.

Sam: You Had me at a dwarf called Bob Marley…

Ry: Which band member can drink the others under the table?

Larry: erm, Me. Larry Love. Not proud of that, but hey.

Ry: Ideal night out?

Larry: Ideal night out is any night that I’m not in.

Ry: Weirdest place you’ve ever woken up?

Larry Love: Never let myself sleep enough, Really. Woke Up This Morning is written about a Lie; It implies that you sleep the night before, and the whole song is a fallacy. So yeah, I haven’t really woken up anywhere strange, I’ve gone into comas in strange places, though.

Sam: I had a mate who woke up in a shed with his hands and legs bound, butt-naked, covered in blood.

Ry: We call that Friday.

Larry: That’s Youthful rebellion.

Ry: Guest questions thrown in here… is that… “Why are you such a G?”

Larry: Cos’ everyone in the world knows that Alabama 3 run tings. Because we invented acid house country techno music which means we are the gangsters of our own universe. We are only gangsters amongst ourselves… But there we go, It’s a start. We are top of the country acid house scene. And at the bottom. and the middle.

Sam: You are the only acid house country music band.

Larry: Exactly, love, don’t ru- You been flicking your cigarette ash on the floor?

Ry: How far are you actually allowed out the country?

Larry: Depends how big the baspin is. Me and D.Wayne have actually got as far as Belgium, I think. No Passports. Crossing borders, with Him. Trying to be quiet like Afghanistan refugees.

Ry: what’s yer poison?

D.Wayne: Ten year old Malts.

Larry: Everything that wants to kill me.

Sam: Have you got a favorite gig you’ve ever done?

Larry: A really good one was Brixton prison, That was really cool. We do lots of prison gigs. Seeing lots of friends you haven’t seen in a while. We did Mad Pride. It’s like Gay Pride, but for mental illness service users. We got all the timing wrong, so when we started the gig the council came and goes “you’re over the curfew” so they pulled the plug on the sound system them about three minutes later the people who own the stage and all that started putting that down. all these lunatics in Thistle park, We just sat on a bench and did an acoustic set. It was brilliant.

Sam: Magic. If you were a mystery solving band, what would your animal mascot be?

Larry: a teletubby in a Geiger-counter machine.

Sam: The Spirit gave a great answer, it-

Larry: Yeah i bet he did, bastard. His father was Charles Harrison, The Oxford University professor, Very smart guy.

Ry: You have some awesome support acts here. How did you go about choosing/finding them?

Larry: We’ve been doing this thing for years where we have several regular support acts… He’s got his arse in gear(talking about promoter) and we haven’t got fucking Oasis tribute bands!

Sam: Where did you find David Ford(Support at the HMV Forum)?

D.Wayne: Aye, He’s good, isn’t he?

Larry Love: Clever c*nt. He’s a well clever c*nt. Does everything on his own…

D.Wayne: Aye!

Sam: Where did you get the idea for acid house country music? I’m sure you’ve had this before…

Larry: It’s that one, there(points at D.Wayne).

D.Wayne: We were playing techno in adverse conditions, He comes in, playing his crap rock, and we looked at each other and fell about laughing. We knew we’d created something completely new.

Larry: We’d done it before, me and him done this track in 84, weird early techno, did it in an American accent, did it as a serial killer “i feel like I’m dying”, and we’ve always gone for this mix of Americana, country, blues and gospel with techno.

Larry Love and the boys go upstairs and play one of the most intimate gigs you can imagine. Woke Up This Morning, U Don’t Dans 2 Tekno, and an acoustic ‘remix’ of Folsom Prison Blues are the highlights, and the show really blows everything else you could see in London tonight out the water.

We meet up with A3 back down in the basement afterwards, exchange stories and drinks and have an awesome time with one of our favorite bands on the circuit. We Didn’t actually leave Dirty South til four in the morning, and stumbled drunkenly around London until we found our passage back home.

Photos By Jack Mealing