Q: What’s happening with the record that you’re making at the moment? What stage are you at?

A: Alabama 3 are working with a load of 17 year olds doing dub and grime sound… no… I’m not sure Alabama 3 can really fit in with the grime scene..

Q: What’s the grime scene?

A: Inner city industrial progressive drum n bass speeded up five times to the max…

No… we’ve just been in the studio doing 28 songs in a week…

Q: And you’re gonna narrow that down to 10 or 12 songs?

A: I’m not sure yet…we’ll either do that or a triple album.

Q: So what’s it’s sounding like now? Is it very different to Outlaw?

A: Well at the moment it’s sounding like 8 blokes in a room playing rock and roll…

Q: You don’t know how it’s gonna go yet?

A: Well I did know..I’ve got a vague concept of the phases of development..

The album’s called M.O.R….which for the uninitiated means Middle Of the Road.  I really like that feeling, you know like guilty pleasures.. a celebration of all that was naff from the mid seventies….

Q: What do you think about this “new rave” scene then? This seems like good timing for you, with this happening? Something the band could fit in to.

A: Yeah, it’s all these kids who were conceived during the summer of love. We played the Glade Festival recently and it was very much like that. Before we went on there were all these 16 year olds dancing to drum n bass djs. with their glow sticks and stuff like that.. They weren’t sure who we were when we started but by the end of the gig they were all jumping up and down and raving. They were all fucking loving it, it was the best response we had from everyone at the festival.  The new album is very optimistic. It’s very much infused by this feeling of optimism.

Q: So what about guest musicians? You’ve got these 17 year olds..

A: Well that was a bit of a joke. We’ve got lots of people we’ve got Devlin, we’ve got Skinnyman, some geezers from Brixton, we’ve got Cerys Matthews, a male voice choir, there’s a lot of people.. Howard Marks

Q: So it’s the Welsh mafia?

A: It’s called the Tafia, love…