BELFAST TELEGRAPH                           20th Oct 2010
by Gary Grattan

The Alabama 3 are bringing their unique brand of 'sweet pretty country acid house music' back to the Mandela Hall, Belfast, this Saturday (October 23).

And hotel owners in the city should be on the alert!

The last time the Brixton-based band played in Belfast they ended up getting thrown out of their hotel accommodation when they brought too many friends back for an after-gig party.

In video: interview with A3 fans in Belfast

In video: interview with Alabama 3's Larry and Devlin Love

Lead singer Larry Love - chatting to the Belfast Telegraph ahead of this weekend's concert - recalled "We brought a few friends of ours back to the hotel but there was a bit of a problem after we managed to put the fire alarms off.

"The management threw us out and said they never wanted to see us again. But what did they expect when they booked a rock band?"

What is even more worrying for Belfast hoteliers is that on this occasion the Belfast gig marks the last night of the current tour promoting their latest album 'Revolver Soul'. And last night tour parties tend to be the wildest of them all!

"The reviews of the album have been in the main very positive, which is great for us as it is the first album we recorded in our own studio in Brixton and released under our own steam - and, in the current industrial climate, we've managed to exceed sales of other albums.

"Having our own studio has been fantastic as its given us a lot of freedom to be able to go in and record material as and when we are feeling suitably inspired! It's really a licence for self-indulgence," added Larry, whom just happens to be the son of a preacherman from the Welsh valleys.

The Alabama 3 are most noted for having one of their tracks 'Woke Up This Morning' used as the theme song to the US TV series The Sopranos. It also featured in an episode of The Simpsons which featured mobster 'Fat Tony'.

But they've won rave reviews for being one of the most exciting live acts in the country - and have built up a cult following in Northern Ireland.

"We've been coming to Belfast for around 12 years now and we always look forward to it as we've a lot of good friends in this part of the world. Belfast people also like to party - which suits us fine.

"Its just the hotel owners who need to get more of a sense of humour!" said Larry.

Doors for Saturday's gig open at 8pm. Tickets are £19.50 inc booking fees across the counter from Ticketmaster outlets, online at http://www.ticketmaster.ie, and on their 24 hour booking line on 0870 243 4455. Also available at Queens Univ Student Union and online from http://www.qubsu-ents.com