Punkvert presents "#402"

Documentary AV Film Screening at the Ex Gratia Recordings evening

Portobello Film Festival 2008

Wednesday 10th September 2008. Free entry 6pm-11pm

Inn on the Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

As an extension of the #402 exhibition held at the Vibe Bar Gallery, London, in May/June 08 and as the successor to Punkvert's 2006 Tales from the Treatment Rooms – the Luis Ramirez Story, Punkvert's new creative AV documentary - #402 - will be premiered at the start of the Ex Gratia Recordings evening as part of the Portobello Film Festival.

Filmed in collaboration with artists from the Treatment Rooms and Nick Reynolds (artist and Alabama 3 harmonica player), the piece follows the events of said individuals as they travel to Huntsville, Texas for the State execution of Baroness von Reichardt's (Treatment Rooms) friend – John Joe 'Ash' Amador, in summer of 2007. Ash's wife Linda Amador, her sister and family friends invited the London group to support them during the execution, which von Reichardt was to witness.

The last minute addition of Nick to the travel party transformed the outcome of this grizzly display of sanctioned homicide. By Nick's casting of a death mask of Ash, his family, friends and the audience can find some positive light in the darkness of capital punishment.  (See our earlier news story, 'Return of The Death Mask?')

The cast was brought back to the UK, where the Treatment Rooms used a copy of the death mask as the capital part of their 'Tiki Love Truck'. The truck is a beautifully decorated mosaic pick-up that took part in the 2007 Manchester Art Car Parade, curated by Walk the Plank.

Additional commentary from ex-death row inmates, wardens, falsely accused terrorist suspects, lawyers for Guantanamo Bay and the more discerning politicians from the U.K, help to draw up the bigger picture of some of our more dangerously eccentric actions here on Earth.

Footage and interviews from Manchester, London and Texas have been spliced together with a seductive soundtrack from contemporary artists to help enhance this display of the triumphant strength of the human spirit in abominable situations.


Punkvert and the Treatment Rooms thank the following for their contribution to this film:

Alabama 3, Anarchistwood, Tony Benn, Gerry Conlon, Sandy Dillon, Doomed Bird of Paradise, Connie Gregory, Paddy Joe Hill, Arthur Mallinson, Mambo Killers, MOJO, Billy Moore, Spearhead, Clive Stafford Smith and Jim Willett
For more info on the above event or #402, please email punkvert@gmail.com or visit sites below: