#402 is a documentary about the death of John Joe Amador - "Ash" to his friends.
Ash was executed by the State of Texas on 29th August 2007. The Baroness von Reichardt accompanied Ash's wife in the Huntsville Death Chamber. After the execution artist Nick Reynolds made a death mask of Ash, with full permission and blessing of Ash and all his friends and family.

Paul Blackwood captured this both most sorrowful and amazing event on camera. The tale unfolds in the film and is one of the strangest creations yet screened in British underground cinemas.

#402 the film came out in Autumn 2008 and premiered to a packed house at the Portobello Film Festival on the 10th September at Inn On the Green, where it went on to win the 'audience award'. With no seats left in the house, supporters came to sit on the floor and stand throughout the 77 minute film. 
"Each year at Portobello I rediscover the magic of the movies. And this year there were two films that I particularly enjoyed.

The first was a film called `That Samba Thing' by Teddy Hayes. Over 100 people stayed till 11.30pm on a Sunday night to find out how the story ended. `That Samba Thing' is a lovely film and a pleasure to watch.

My second magic moment was watching `#402' a documentary about an execution in the USA. The film pulled no punches. We saw a person on screen who had been executed. Yet humanity and commitment shone
through. It is a brilliant piece of passionate, haunting, political film making. Anyone who saw that movie won't forget it in a hurry. I haven't seen a better film this year."

Geoff Mann - Portobello Film Festival 2008

The AV nature of the film and the original score composed by Paul Blackwood is complimented with music from Dizzi Dulcimer, Sandy Dillon, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Nick Reynolds, Alabama 3, Tom Antona, Anarchistwood and nomeansno.

Transatlantic Family - from top left - Nick Reynolds, Connie Wright, Lucinda Wild, Matt, Baroness, Lisa Prieto, Paul Blackwood, Linda Amador

Watch a trailer of the film here:  punkvert.tv