Presented by Nick Reynolds, Punkvert and Treatment Rooms

If you were to find yourself in a Texan woodland cabin on a hell-hot afternoon, with the dead body of a man that had spent half his life banged up on Death Row, would you put it down to being trapped in an appalling nightmare?

John Joe "Ash' Amador, a 30 year old Hispanic American, was executed 29/08/2007 in Huntsville, Texas, for the 1994 murder of a San Antonio taxi driver.  He went to his death, still protesting his innocence, with an intravenously administered cocktail of lethal chemicals in his arm and the words "God forgive them, for they know not what they do" on his lips.

In August 2007, a group of London artists went on a journey to Huntsville, Texas, to bear witness and capture on film the events surrounding his execution and the making of his death mask. You can read more about how Nick Reynolds (aka Harpo Strangelove from Alabama 3 Acoustic) became involved in the project in this news article: 'RETURN OF THE DEATH MASK'.

'402' is an exhibition of this work, including art inspired by and in memory of "Ash".

The Vibe Bar Gallery 91-95 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

Opening party/MOJO benefit:
Thurs May 1st
Entry: £5 on the door

The Launch of Amador Foundation and MOJO benefit party (donations welcome)
Alabama 3 (Acoustic), Linda Amador, Anarchistwood,
Jerry Conlan, Paddy Hill, Howard Marks and Bruce Reynolds.

Exhibition starts 2nd May - 31st May

Free Admission Gallery Times: Wednesday - Sunday 12pm - 6.30pm

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