People said it couldn’t be done.  A lot of people said it shouldn’t be done.  But Alabama 3 ain’t ever been the type of folk to follow the rules so we went ahead and did it anyway…

Freed up from the shackles and chains of a record company, we squatted up in our new Brixton studio with just the music, the world wide web and your ideas.
We promised you 36 new tracks to download and vote on; we promised you access to those tracks for remixing, the best of which would be included on a bonus cd; and we promised you a 12 hour party…
So here’s our progress to date, the original timetable may have been overly enthusiastic, we remembered that humans need to party and forgot the need for sleep - but we got you all 36 tracks, and you duly voted.  
Pretty soon we’ll be telling you the names of those chosen tracks…
We also told you that the new album would be released this autumn.
However, things have kind of snowballed since then…

Over the course of those months when you were all voting on and arguing about the new tracks, more songs were being written, and some of the germs of ideas you heard in the 12 Step downloads were evolving alongside them and have morphed into a brand new album. An eclectic group of guests have been dropping  in and rolling out of the studios at Jamm to collaborate with us in the making of this new sound.  (We’ll show you the guest book and the warrant cards in due course.)
This was something that was too good to be hurried, this was the making of an album that is destined to put ‘sweet pretty muthafucking country acid house music’ firmly back on the map - ‘Revolver Soul’ – coming to you in spring 2010.
We’ll be bringing you a sweet little taster of the album on November 23rd, in the shape of a new single called ‘Jacqueline’ - as filthy, rich and memorable as anything Alabama 3 have ever done.  
But that’s not all - we don’t do moderation around these parts!
During the November tour, and for a limited time afterwards from the website, we’ll be bringing you another new album!
Brothers and Sisters, let us present to you: ‘The 12 Step Plan’ - a fans only release, its track listing chosen by you! Inevitably, this will become a choice collectors’ item. We hear that e.Bay is bracing itself!
As for the other promises?  
We’re still planning on giving you those tracks to remix.  We’ll tell you more about this soon.  We’ll be issuing the chosen remixes as a bonus cd alongside ‘Revolver Soul’.  
The 12 hour party?  Hmm… well, we’ve all being doing more than our share of partying, but the invites must have got lost in the postal strikes! We’ll remember to invite you next time; keep your New Year’s Eve calendar free cause we’re planning quite a mash up for you all then.