Malcom X he speaks
Elvis Presley freaks
The KKK tie a yellow ribbon
round the old oak tree
Bob Marley and Keir Hardie
Banged up together doing time
For some breach of the peace
preaching revolution
dancing down the frontline

Have you been having a nightmare?
Seeing things you don't understand
Have you been having a nightmare?
I can't explain it but I'll hold your hand

One two good boys go to school
Three four bad girls break the law
Five Six the boys get twisted
Seven eight the teachers don't listen
Nine ten we all fall down
Eleven twelve tick tock
you're out


(Intro by MAJOR DEE)
Turn off the ventilator
no need for adrenaline
Turn off the defibrillator
and life support machine
No need for valediction
No need for obituary
No point in sending flowers
I've already exited

If push comes to shove
and they're naming names
If I had to blame somebody, babe
I'd blame Kurt Cobain

I went out and bought a record
Put it on my stereo
Felt just like teen spirit
I knew it was time to go

(Intro by TENOR FLY)

She told him that she loved him
and she'd never break his heart again
Like a fool he believed her
She told him that she loved him
and she'd never break his heart again
and once again he forgave her
Couldn't take it no longer
so he went for his revolver
blew his head right off his shoulders
Oh the pain

(Rap by MAJOR DEE)


(Intro by BEZ)
The moon has left the garden
the river has run dry
look up at the mountain
the sun ain't left the sky
Youwere living on honky chicken
with that private Dick downtown
Ain't none of his investigating
could've turned your reputation around
They called you the loner
Weirder than the Wild West
When you tried to join the army
you couldn't even pass the test
You started hanging out with me
Coz I had a little pot
Some High School Jock grassed
me up to your Daddy
And one day I got caught
I took care of business
When they set you free again
I was moving a mountain full of money
And the party never ended

We stole the moon
We stole the car
Never made it to heaven baby
Never got that far

I was playing poker
In that basement joint you worked
When some stoned and drunk undercover man
Put his hand right up your skirt
Why'd you take the pool cue
Lay that lawman on the floor
Left a hundred dollars in the tip jar
Walked right out the back door


Death clock Tick
Tock smokin like a cigarette
Every minute, every hour,
every day
You mind goes flip flop
Nothing but a silhouette
Ain't it funny how time slips away?

(Rap by THE PRIME ARTIST Russell Jordan)

It's about that time
to stop the clock
If you're ready to roll
Let's rock the block

Time moved on slowly
in my mind in the morning
In the afternoon my body
shuts down
Give me wine, women and song
And I'll party all night long
Let it all blow to the
muthafucking dawn.

Been down so goddam long
It looks like up to me

Here's some words of advice
from a man who's had little
advice all his life,
If you wanna go out on Saturday
night and listen to the
music and the bright lights
There's one or two things
you should do...
First get your head on
straight, get it buttoned
up the back. Zip up your
pants and start walking on
downtown, and when you get
downtown say hello to the
nicest looking girl you see
and say "hey baby, have you
ever been to the Galapagos?
You know they've got lizards
there that ain't got no eyes"
and if she says "well that
comes to me as no surprise"
you say "hey, why don't we
sh-shuffle on down to say
listen to old LSD, playing
that drum and bass for just
you and me" I'm sure her eyes'll
just light up and she'll
say "let's go over a partay"




The road is rough and rocky
39 steps to heaven
Nobody ever asked me
If I was ready for redemption
Death by cop
Death by whisky
Death by cigarette
Death by woman
I don't give a damn about a second coming

I've been seeing stars
But I ain't seen the light

Could've been a philosopher
I took a tablet, smoked a stone
Could've been a minister
Couldn't leave Mrs Jones alone
Could've been something sinister
Giving people the evil eye
Could've been a contender
I couldn't find no fight

You ain't nothing but a low life pretender
And you never ever was a contender
Coz the fire inside you left you
It's left you


If I wake up in the morning
and I say it's a fucking
beautiful day today
would you tell me not to use
the language that way
Is that wrong?
If I throw myself threw a
window and I've had fun doin' it
and I've cost a lot of people
a lot of money
is that wrong?
If I go out with a girl one
night and I don't happen to
treat her right
and she goes running back
home to her mum
is that wrong?
and if I get into a fight that
I shouldn't have got into with
someone in the first place
and he ends up beatin' the
shit outa me
is that wrong?

Taking a motor scooter into a
football ground in 5000 pieces
is wrong and throwing it onto
the pitch when your team are down,
is that wrong?
If taking all your apples to
market knowing that they're full of holes rotten to the
core and you still sell them
and people want more
is that wrong?
If you grind your teeth in
the movies when everybody's
trying to watch the picture
and they can hear nothing but you
is that wrong?
If you happen to be high at
the time and it ain't you in someone
else's mind and you can't help yourself
is that wrong?

Wrong is Right
If you're at a party in a basement and you let off a
percussion grenade and
three people need to buy
themselves hearing aids
is that wrong?
If you run screaming naked
down in the road
screaming for a fix
crying I'm the toad
I don't know what's
the middle of the road
will it hit me?
will I bend?
I don't know this is probably the end
Is that Wrong?
Wrong is Right


Hey Joe,
Why you standing on the corner,
Saturday night special in your hand?
Your dancing like John the Baptist
Tellin' me
your gonna take me to the
Promised Land
Well I want to know

Will you be saved by the devil?
Will you be saved by the Lord?
Will you make it through to midnight?
Will you be gone
before the dawn?

Sweet Jane
Why you wearing that red dress, baby?
Why you got a chihuaha on your knees?
Your looking like a million dollars honey
Why you ask me for a hundred
think you can set me free?
Well I can't see

 Will you be saved by the devil?
Will you be saved by the Lord?
Will you make it through to midnight?
Will you be gone
before the dawn?

Will you be gone before the dawn?
You gotta serve somebody
You gotta serve someone


Hey Joe will you take her to the chapel?
Sweet Jane will you take him to the grave?
Hey Joe, say hello to Sweet Jane
Are you ready?
Are you ready to be saved?

Gotta serve somebody
Gotta serve someone


The sun comes up
and you're twittering on
You can't log off,
hooked on Russian porn
You've been smoking the black
Got a Crackberry smile
Meeting virtual girls in your Second Life
Obsessed with text and your saucy e.mails
Spam in your modem had fucked up your mainframe
You try to rewire you try to log out
Somebody's taken mickey out of your mouse

Off my face book me a cab
I'm outa here
I got 25,000 friends
and all I wanna do is disappear

The sun goes down and you google your name
The only reference to you
Is that was back in the day
You was the only one
You were the kid in the corner
You're the website bum they call the bobby groomer

Now you keep yourself hid, sophisticated encryptions
untraceable links and password is secret
Got an army of friends but I ain't enlisting
A million conversations ain't nobody listening


Black Dog been barking
my back door
Black Dog been barking
Twenty five times before
Took my shotgun off of the wall
Black dog ain't barking anymore

Thay days turn into sand
so fuck yoiu and your medicine man
You can turn on the light
If it makes you feel alright
Don't expect me to understand

Bugs, beatles, termites, spiders and flies
Somethings always crawling
in and out of my eyes
Pest controller said "Don't think twice,
It's alright man, you're still breathing."

Always looking
Keep on cooking up
Something weird

It's gotta be something weird

Some cat on meow meow
Keep crossing my path
Somebody whispers
Somebody laughs
Nine lives later
Cut him in half
No more meow meow crossing my path



(Street corner rap by THE PRIME ARTIST)

Long cold lonely winter
Someday soon
Change gonna come

Cut the crap buster
you ain't hustling this thief
Don't blag this blagger boy
cuts no mustard with me
Press your incompetence up
the bling of some Teflon G
You know and I know that you
know that I know
Your Rolex ain't nothing but
knock off gear

Summer in the city
Will you make it through the night?

You bit the bullet and your teeth fell out
Believed the hype about helping yourself
to my booty bag but I kept my
booty bag empty
You were chasing your tail
Now your doghouse ain't safe
The cats on the corner are
ready to break
ready to break,
ready to break and enter.

Baby do you wanna go burning
Wanna go burning and looting with me tonight?



You're fucked up baby
This ain't no time for breakdown baby

Ride ride on
Keep on rolling till
the wheels come off

May your shackles fall like
feathers from your ankles
May your captors be caught in
your headlights
May the mechanics of the Lord
Make your engines roll and roar
On your long day's journey into the night

Ride ride on
Keep on rolling till
the wheels come off

(Verse by Rob Walsh)

We have walked to
the end of nowhere
We have been walking since
the beginning of time
Like the Bedouin we have
walked the immeasurable desert
We have always walked with the wind behind

Don't stop no walking
Merthyr Tydfil

Who the fuck is John Sinclair?

Ride ride on
Keep on rolling till
the wheels come off
Ride ride on   


D.WAYNE LOVE - a true story
I had a call the other night,
it was hot, it was October,
the weather wasn't right,
everybody was uptight.
My friend called at night
and he said:
"Hey, there's an emergency here at home,
you got to come away from whatever
you're doing and get back here."
I said "Ooh... What's the matter dear?"
He said "We got bug infestation!
We got a whole nation of bugs
crawling all over the house."
I said "Well, what kind of louse?"
He said "Every kind of louse that you can describe.
I mean, man, the vibe is just wild.
They're crawling around the walls,
they're having their own parties.
They're taking out my apple sauce from the fridge,
they don't know what they did,
they're just crazy bugs."
I said "Man look, get your head on straight...
It's an Indian Summer,
those little bugs parents
what got laid back in July,
their eggs is just hatchin',
now that is why
we got bug infestations at home.
Just you leave those little suckers alone
and everything'll be alright."
But my friend said that he didn't feel right
and that I had to get straight back home.
But I said "Look man, a similar thing happened to me
way back in July..."

"I was in Belfast
I can't remember why,
and I met these two beautiful people
and we went out on the downs
and we took a photograph together
and when I got back their image
seemed to have diminished
when I looked at the photograph,
and my friend said:
"Why, that's strange."
And I said "Hmm... I wonder why?"
Then I got a phone call...
those two people had just died.
So oj the grand scheme of things,
it don't mean a thing
if you got bug infestation in the house.
Now, hush your little head and don't you cry.
those little bugs are gonna leave in the by and by,
and when they get up to Heaven
they'll still have eight legs only...
there won't be any bodies left.

She checks his Che Guevara style
Some old school revival behind that smile
His blood shot eyes tell another story
Commendments and 12 Step Plan,
arrangements, programmes
A tell tale sign and a Doctor's warning
She says "Hey Babe, are you feeling alright?
Why don't we stay in tonight?
Get a Chinese takeaway,
watch a black and white movie."
He says "Hey honey I feel alright
If you just put on that red dress tonight
take me out one more time
blazing like glory."

Let's go out
Let's go out
Let's go out 2nite
blazing like glory.

The needle done the damage back in 88
Big big disease such a little name
Took Eazy E from NWA
No one to blame
and we can't complain
The sun's still gonna set
and the moon's gonna shine
C'mon baby hit me one more time
and take me out tonight
blazing like glory. Yeah

Let's go out

We got married in a fever

I got a feelin'
I got a feelin' right now

We're from the sputh of the bridge,
where the guns and the violence
and the cannabis live
We're from the sputh of the bridge,
So you better step up and level kick



I should've sent you some flowers
I should've sent you a card
Reminding you that I remember,
when you used to hold me in your arms

I drank too much Summer wine
I murdered every moonlight mile
I shot the piano player
Don't ask me to sing
Don't ask me to sing

Abide with me
Abide with me
Abide with me
Sing it one more time
Sing it one more time

Forgot about your birthday
And every anniversary that left you blue
Could've should've remembered
All the times you needed me
to hold you too

Don't you ask me to sing
Don't ask me to sing
Abide with me
Sing it one more time