D Wayne left the hospital
After being operated on
Couldn't walk, couldn't even talk
When I asked his story he had to get out both his hands
So he signed the song to me
I hope you understand

I've got two heads
I'm gonna bang my heads together
I got one leg
I'm gonna hop to heaven's door
I got three eyes
I'm gonna pluck one out for Jesus
And I ain't gonna have no troubles anymore


No time for spindoctor's medicine
Cooked up by the government, selling me some cover-up
Sponsored information, pipe up in the shopping malls
Nothing but another drug, a license they can buy and sell

I don't mind dying
I don't mind dying
I don't mind dying
When that call it comes I will be ready for war

No time for backhanded compliments
From bourgeois apologists desperate for an incident
Real-estate assassins, assessing my predicament
My dollar bills dependant upon it being in their interest

I don't mind dying
I don't mind dying
I don't mind dying
When that call it comes I will be ready for war

There is power in the blood, justice in the sword
When that call it comes, I will be ready for war
Power in the blood, justice in the sword
When that call it comes, I will be ready

I will raise mah sword up right
To the bright and shining light,
Stained crimson red with the blood of the unredeemed
And as I cut them limb from limb, and I dash all their kith and kin,
You know, their bodies I will bury in the deep
Because there's power in the blood.
There's power in the blood.


When I got burned out so bad in Brixton
That I just couldn't remember my name
You took a lease on some basement down in Josephine Avenue
'til I got better and you forgot how much I changed
I got healed in the heart of the city
Bad medicine was good enough
Still you bleed through my veins like an express train
You're the one hit I never could give you up

When you're falling apart again
Nobody to pick up the pieces
I'll turn on the lights, hold your hand tight
And together, yeah we'll keep on reaching

We were holed up and cold in the rock house
Plastic gangsters sweet blessed company
I was talking Jackson Pollocks, walking Tony Soprano
You said "baby it's time to leave"
But I left alone stumbling, stoned into the sunrise
Looking left and right for all the wrong connections
Baby hit me one more time, you can hit me one more time
'cos I know you'll never let me go under

Wherever my soul is in winter,
Your summer smile will keep me warm
Autumn leaves falling ,
I'll keep on walking baby 'til the springtime flowers bloom


Another psychopath in Iowa
Loading up another round
While the NRA in Columbine
Hunt Marilyn Manson down
Powder in the Pentagon
Cruel letters in the mail
Some KKK white supremacist
Cooking up a dose of race hate

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the union jack
Stars and stripes have got me jet lagged

Some baby in Afghanistan crying for it's Mama now
While the BNP scare refugees senseless up in Oldham town
Hypocrites in Downing Street
Pouring petrol on the flames
Satpal cries, asks Paddy why do we always get the blame

Sing a song for the asylum seeker
For the frightened baby on some foreign beach
You'd better bang a gong and pray they reach a safe harbour

Some mother in Jakarta lays down her weary head
In some free trade zone compound
Where they work you 'til you're dead
Hunger stalks the corridor famine and disease
I seen the multinationals walking hand in hand
With globalising marketeers


Living in the city
Nobody said it would be easy
Seven million lonely souls
It's a sweet shame, it's a pity
When you realise those city lights ain't pretty
And the streets ain't paved with gold
You wanna be somebody
I wanna be somebody
Let's knock the door they gotta let us in
I got my fingers on the handle
But I got another angle
So get your aces up your sleeve and let's go gambling

When every winner is a villain
And every loser is a hero
We'll put on our two-step shoes and lose the blues
And dance like it's year zero

When the front runners lose their riders
And the ten to one outsiders hole the future in their hands
We'll fool the poker faced pretenders
The casino cool contenders
Grab the chips and put the booty in the bag


Come down kings and downtown queens
Who get holed up in Space scared on ketamin dreams
The heard that Stagger Lee was packing a pistol in his jeans
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza
Johnny Too Bad and the Two-Step Crew
They got in a beef about some Betty
They'd heard been busting' loose
Hanging out in some trance DJ's condominium
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza

You better rush, rush, rush
'til the sun comes up
It's gonna be bling, bling, bling
Then hush, hush, hush
Text message your momma
Say you ain't coming home
Tell her the Devil's gonna DJ down in San Antonio

Coz Johnny Too Bad got in his Jibaru jeep
Said to Eazy E "man we got no time to sleep"
From the powder to the pipe in less than a week
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza
He had too many parties, he had too many pills
Daddy's yacht in the harbour
Mummy paid all the bills
He had no idea what hit him
Until the Devil went down to Ibiza


I want the strobe life
Because the end of my life is approaching
I want the strobe life
Because you know my eggs are a'poaching
I want the strobe life
Because you know my car is running backwards
I want the strobe life
Because you know I can't read those long words

Sweet Jesus if it pleases you
Don't let the sun come up on me
Coz it ain't easy
I'm feeling nice and sleazy now
Don't let the sun come up on me

I love the strobe life it's the only life I know
So let the strobe light shine a light on me
Shine a light on me

Open the gates of Heaven tonight…


Some say the only way to ease the pain is gettin' down to pray
No method no guru no teacher for me
I got no faith in no fantasy
One drink too many, one line too long
So many mornings already gone wrong
Been so long and I've been feeling so blind
Deep down in the dark dark night

Sometimes the light don't shine
That's the time we gotta open our eyes
Sometimes the light don't shine
You and me baby gonna get rehabilitated

Hey, hey, I went down to N.A.
Business was a bouncin' like back in the day
Hypocrites hiding habits all over town
Pop stars gushing 'bout the faith they've found
Left me so cold, I walked out in the rain
Waited all day for that midnight train
Been so long, I've been feeling so blind
I'm gonna blow away the blues tonight

R is for the recovery you're gonna make in my sumptuous retreat in the hills
E is for how I'm gonna enable you to cure all of your ills
H is for the hurt and heartache that I'm gonna help you lose
A assessment successful
B goodbye the blues


He puts a shooter in the boot
Got a whiskey at the wheel
Driving too fast down the Avenue casing the joints of the bourgeoisie
Too stoned on a tight bend
Too drunk to respond
The Devil robbed your pockets while you were lying dying
I hope the angels held you in their arms

When heaven took you home,
You left hell on this earth

Arm in arm you left the dance
We all know how good that feels
Walking home down Lovers Lane
The sweet morning dew at your feet
The Devil's been a'drinking the driver hits and runs
I pray your soul flew swiftly
Coz the light don't shine since you've been gone
The moon has lost the sun

When heaven took you home,
You left hell on this earth
Now the moon has lost the sun

She found herself in a new reality,
Different people, different personality
Just when she thought that was dusted and gone
Another normal came along
People advise and they criticise they didn't realise
She didn't care what she looked  like in their eyes
Saw the chance and she had to change
Dealt with the pain took it straight back to heaven
See how bright you burn, you better learn
You never have to suffer at the hands of someone
Who will never yearn for truth

When heaven took you home,
You left hell on this earth
Now the moon has lost the sun


He had the hands of a missionary
She had the body of a nun
In the fumblings of their union
They found the key to Kingdom Come
He bought her a bird in a silver cage
For blessed company
Coz he knew one day they're gonna lock the door
And throw away the key

Blow out the candles, mornings moving in
Flowers bloom on Alcatraz now
Let the caged bird sing
Let the caged bird sing

The church they call them anarchists
Class War they call them saints
When they lost the plot they kept moving
Looking for heaven's gate
Stole a car and got as far
As the motel on Damascus Road
The TV screens threw back their dreams
When the cathode ray exploded

Rimbaud left his soul behind
Leaving ghosts surveying the scene
Moving form the light into the dead of night
Just to keep his cold heart clean
The prisonaires from the sprawling slums
Saw a new day moving in
No baton charge from the ruling guards
Could stop the caged bird singing


The yellow rose of Texas came down by the Eildon tree
Her hair shone in the morning sun, her eyes were wild and free
And I knew I would go with her, coz she put a spell on me

She told me she would take me where the Johnson folk still trade
She carried gold and silver and the finest French brocade
I told her I had nothing, just my shoes and my old hat
She said watch out where you're walking tonight, coz I've seen 'em killed
For much less than that…

And her hair is of the grass green silk
Her mantle of the velvet fine
And hung upon my horse's mane
Were sixty silver bells and nine

We came upon a doctor who plied everything you like
She said "do you wanna get high?", I said "well, I guess alright"
I had one and she had one and after two or three
By the time she left in the morning there was nothing left of me

Went and got myself a horse I had to rob to get it
I carried myself a gun and I chased that woman across the desert
And when I came upon her she fell down on her knees
She said "I know I took your shoes and hat, but please don't shoot me, please"
Hey what do you want, you just left me there in that desperate one horse town
She said "can't help it DW, it's in my nature just like
The frog and the scorpion drowned"
I didn't know what she was talking about and I was just about to say…
But she popped me with a little two shot Derringer
And that was the end of me…


I got 15 felonies, I got 23 misdemeanours
I got A.P.B.'s from Anchorage, all the way down to Phoenix
A million dollar reward, they want me alive or dead
They're gonna put 3 in my body, they're gonna put 3 in my head

Up against the wall, snipers on the roof
Thought I was a goner baby, but I'm bullet proof

They put the searchlights on me
A hundred hound dogs on my trail
But I skipped the state line like Jesse James
Tennessee lawmen on my tail
Helicopters circle like vultures in the midday sun
I swear to God I got the motherfuckin' Governor
In the sights of my Gatting gun


(Bruce Springsteen)


There's a picture in the paper, that she prayed she'd never see
News flash bulletins on the radio, and on NBC
Teardrops on the black dress, she's reaching for the rosary beads
Remembers when that boy was ten they sang
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen"
No Mahalia cannot help her, nobody gonna pull her through
She struggled and strived to give the boy the life
Daddy always tried to lose
So she pours herself another bourbon, listens to the morning rain
With a hopeful handful of Vicodin she washes away the pain

Lord have mercy on my wicked son
Forgive him Lord for the wrong he's done
I will sing 'til your sweet kingdom comes
Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy

The's a letter in the wallet, the kind a coroner returns
A faded manila envelope the FBI forgot to burn
Talk of stolen cars and all night bars
And a chemist store in Reno
An incident getting out of hand
Shooting some pimp over heroin
There's a photograph of a motorbike, and a picture of a mobile home
Still the penny don't drop 'til she gets to the bottom of the page,
and now she's frozen
Coz the postmarks saying Tuscon, date December '73
Daddy just been busted she got that baby on her knee

Somebody help me now…


You prayed at the holy shrine
Still the guru wouldn't receive you
You've seen so many signs
Still they call you a non-believer

So come on home, why don't you come on home
Lord it's getting so late and I can't wait no longer
Come on home, why don't you come home